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Is a genius simply a highly intelligent person or does each person have their own kind of genius?
On this inspiring recording Michael Meade answers emphatically that each person brings some form of genius to life with them.
With characteristic wit Meade manages to weave threads of Eastern spiritual practice with Western mysticism by connecting the thread of genius to the practice of “dharma” or service to something beyond oneself. As the divine seed in the soul, genius holds the key that opens the path to spiritual fulfillment as well as community service.

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HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:  Uniqueness vs. Mass Culture • Genius is Off the Map •  Negotiating with Genius • Genius-Based Education and Genius Mentoring  • Why Your Calling Keeps Calling •  Did You Become Yourself?

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A retreat for women and men, mentors
   and teachers,  artists and activists.

September 11-14, 2014 • Vashon, WA

Each crossroads, each crisis, each longing in life can shape a threshold of change through which we more truly become our intended self. Each moment of liminality or spiritual openness creates a betwixt and between space through which the soul’s enduring inheritance tries to enter the world through us. For, regardless of age or status, despite current condition or past actions, each person carries an innate connection to the accumulated treasure of the human soul.

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Mosaic's Voices of Veterans
featured on Yahoo News
Michael Meade’s mythic work with veterans was recently featured in an article on Yahoo News. The article also has a powerful video of one of Mosaic’s Voices of Veterans events, along with interview with vets who attended one of the Voices of Veterans retreats. To read the article, click here.

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NPR interview on Genius

The Genius Project will offer online, multi-media events and materials featuring core themes including: Genius Based Mentoring and Genius Based Education, finding one’s genius and developing narrative intelligence, but also the healing path of gifts and wounds.
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