The Radical Root of the Soul

A Multicultural Mentoring Retreat for Younger and Older Men

Tuesday, August 15 - Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino, CA


Registration for the Mendocino Mentoring Retreat is currently full and we have begun a waiting list.  Please email or call to add your name to the waiting list.  We can be reached at and 206-935-3665.  We expect some people to be added from the Waiting List.  Thank you for your interest and your support.


The world is at a crossroads in time that includes the threat of severe climate change as well as the dangers of cultural upheaval. Amidst the expansion of human tragedy and the growth of collective fear and anxiety, it is easy to feel helpless and isolated. Yet, in the midst of trouble the radical root of the soul seeks to deepen our sense of meaning and activate our true purpose in life.


The great risk in life has always been the work of becoming one’s true self amidst the uncertainties of existence. Thus, each crisis can become a crucible in which we are pulled and stretched by an unseen force that was in us all along. At each turn in life we have another chance to hear the call, follow our calling and be emboldened by the roots of our souls.


The problem is not that there are no answers to life’s dilemmas; the difficulty is tuning in to the path our soul would have us take. We grow by letting go of who we thought we were in order to find the next part of the story trying to enfold from within. No matter how dark and troubling the world becomes, finding a life-long initiatory path allows us to both save ourselves and contribute to the healing of the world.


Join us on this path of discovery with a diverse faculty who will present ideas and elements of initiation from tribal traditions, spiritual practices and psychological perspectives. Through stories, poems and the compelling speech of the soul; through chanting and meditation; through the suddenness of ideas and the surprise of ritual; we will approach the borders of our knowing and seek to touch the edge of what our souls came to live and to learn. This event will benefit those involved in mentoring and community building, teaching and counseling, environmental activism and social justice.


An Introduction to a Multicultural Mentoring Retreat

As Michael Meade states in the above video, “This is a radical form of community building that occurs by stepping away from the community, by getting in touch with nature, and then getting deeply in touch with each person’s human nature. At the core is the idea that everybody, regardless of skin color or economic background, regardless of what they have done in life, has come to this world with gifts to give. This kind of creative mentoring helps each person find and give their gifts in a way that is fulfilling to them and beneficial to their community.”

Join us on this path of discovery with a diverse faculty who will present ideas and elements from tribal traditions, spiritual practices, psychological perspectives, and a rich array of personal experiences.

MICHAEL MEADE  is a renowned storyteller, author, scholar of mythology and ritual. He has the ability to synthesize this material and connect it to the stories we are living today. Michael is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, author of The Genius Myth, Fate and Destiny, Why the World Doesn't End, and The Water of Life. His latest CD recordings are The Soul of Change, Inner Wisdom, and Finding Genius in Your Life.

LUIS RODRIGUEZ has won prestigious awards for both poetry and non-fiction. He is the author of It Calls You Back, Hearts and Hands: Creating Community in Violent Times, Always Running- La Vida Loca: Gang Days in LA, My Nature Is Hunger, and other books. As a community activist he works with prisoners and at-risk youth. He is the founder of Tia Chucha Press and Café Cultural.

DUNCAN ALLARD will teach songs and dances from the musical traditions of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and will perform the haunting music of the mbira.

Retreat Details:

DATES:  Tuesday, August 15 to Sunday, August 20, 2017

LOCATION:  The Mendocino Woodlands Camp is nestled within a beautiful, rare redwood forest. It is approximately four hours north of the Bay Area. After registering, you will receive a confirmation letter including directions and other pertinent information.

DONATIONS:  Your donation beyond the conference fee will support scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to attend.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  The Mendocino Woodlands Camps are like rustic villages nestled within a rare Redwood forest. The camps seem to escape time and open areas that are timeless and eternal. Please settle your communications before you arrive, as there is no cell phone reception anywhere in camp.

COST:  $795 includes rustic cabins, healthy food and all events. A deposit of $395 will hold your place. Final payment is due July 31st, 2017. Proceeds from this retreat support Mosaic's work with at-risk youth and the Genius Project.


If for some reason you have to cancel your registration, there will be a $35 administrative cancellation fee. After August 1st, the fee will be $70.


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