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The Wild Card of Creation refers to the unique ability of the human soul to connect to the Soul of the World and thereby bring beauty and healing to both culture and nature. This recording offers a tour de force presentation on the awakening and intensification of the individual human soul in the midst of a troubled world. Meade argues that if there is “no change at the level of the human soul, there can be no change at the level of the world.” Change, so greatly desired, is not easily accomplished because genuine change requires one’s whole life to be altered; mind and body, spirit and soul. Soul is the source of change; it is the secret center that can move both heaven and earth.

114 Minutes

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SEPTEMBER Featured Title

Character and Destiny

With James Hillman and

Michael Meade

The trajectory of a life - who can know its course? Even the gods go blind in the territory of the fates. Yet, each person feels the presence of an inexorable force living through them and each at times can sense the pull of destiny - something that must be done, no matter how strange, dangerous or odd. Listen as psychologist Hillman and mythologist Meade undertake a compelling and historic exploration of the mysteries and meanings encoded in our souls, and into the nature of the longings set within our hearts.

3 hours, 3 minutes

In mythic terms, each person seeks to enter the Great Dance of Life, also called the "big medicine." In this view of the ongoing dance of life, emotions are repeated invitations to the dance; both "divine influxes” and emphatic guides intended to awaken each person and connect us all to the deep Self and to the Soul of the World. Healing and growth require that we change, and artful practices offer authentic ways to expand how we are woven into the world. From acute cultural critique to insights into ancient practices, Meade provides fuel for artists, seekers, social activists, teachers and innovators of all kinds.



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Digital Download



Latest Book by MICHAEL MEADE

The Genius Myth proposes that each person born participates in the genius of life and the world at this time is in great need of an awakening of the genius qualities hidden in each of us. In a rapidly changing world faced with seemingly impossible problems, it becomes important to understand that each person has something to contribute to the solutions.


Both timely and timeless, this book is essential for anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social status, who seeks to awaken their own genius and learn how they can help heal nature and renew culture. The culmination of decades of work with at-risk youth and at-risk people, this book combines dramatic real life experiences with compelling mythic tales and a profound exploration of the wisdom of genius.



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