Upcoming Events with MICHAEL MEADE


Wednesday, December 20, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

All Pilgrims Church, 500 Broadway East

Tickets: $15



As we approach the end of another year troubled by tragedy and marred by conflicts, the winter solstice offers a timely and symbolic opportunity to affirm our innate connection to the Soul of the World and the rhythms of life.


Solstice means “sun stands still” and the word planet means “wandering star.” Each year, as days grow shorter, the earth wanders into the dark womb of night. Ancient people imagined that the sun needed some conscious help from humans in order to avoid being swallowed by the chaos and darkness that ever nip at the edges of life.


Amidst all the anxieties and pressures of modern life it is a sense of timelessness that is most needed.  At the still point of midwinter the sun pauses amidst the darkness and there may be no better time to rekindle the instinct for uniting together and expressing love, care and inclusiveness.

In facing the darkness together we can find again our own divine spark and inner light as each soul can connect through ritual and song to the eternal light and the living Soul of the World as it pivots again towards the light.


Join us for an evening of songs and poetry, rituals of remembrance and forgiveness, and a resounding collective call to bring the light back from the darkness.


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